Jolt Customer Stories

Thousands of operators rely on Jolt to run their business.
These are their stories.

“What would you pay to have your best person in every single one of your locations all the time?”

Dustin originally used paper checklists and a program called QRSoft in order to manage his operations.

“I didn't know what was happening in my locations when I wasn't there. QSR soft is not real-time. It was all printing out forms. If your boss comes in, he'd look at it, if not, you'd throw it away at the end of the day. You're being reactive not proactive. You don't want to always be putting out fires, but preventing fires from happening.”

As a restaurant owner, Dustin is constantly bombarded with new companies offering him solutions to his problems. Before trying Jolt, he wasn't very confident that it was going to be any different.

“Is this program going to increase or help my business? Is this going to improve my service and sales? Is it going to be worth it? Is this enough of a change from what we're doing to give us the boost we need?”

The first thing Dustin noticed was how easy it was to get started with Jolt, and how easy it was for his employees to use it.

“Operationally, Jolt is pretty straightforward. I have folks that are really good with technology, and people that are bad at technology. Both are very capable of using the system...and we're always going to have both types of people.”

Dustin decided to test Jolt against his biggest challenge: meal times. Dustin wanted to see if Jolt could help him prepare his employees for lunch and dinner rushes. He also set up alerts to know whether or not each location is prepared so he can call in and fix problems if needed.

“A lot of the lists I've set up are checklists going into a peak or lunch rush. I'll get that alert before it gets busy, before it's too late to say “Hey, did you check this?” or “Why didn't you check this this thing which could have been a major barrier to our service before a busy time of day?” I like the ability to know someone didn't do something so we can avoid major problems for our service for the busiest time of day.”

Dustin figured out that, without traveling to each location, he can rely on Jolt's reporting and alerts to know if they're properly prepared for high-traffic periods. He quickly overcame his skepticism.

“I like the program. I'm a fan of the program. I mean, What would you pay to have your best person in every single one of your locations all the time? Jolt is a system that is designed for being in multiple places at one time, in the sense that you have immediate follow-up capability. Jolt gives me the ability, in real-time, to review all locations, whether I'm in one of them, or not any of them--and to be proactive. The options are almost limitless in what you can do.”

“It's as close to a proactive system that you will run a business the way top leadership would want it run. There is, unfortunately, what we all think is happening all-day long every day, and then what is actually happening all-day every day. This is closest system that would be like having the owner, or top leadership, constantly in the restaurant or in the business, all the time.”

Dustin has shared his experience with other businesses, both inside and outside of McDonald's.

“There's an application for Jolt in any type of restaurant--whether it's casual dine or quick service. Almost anyone that's franchiseable, this program could work for them. Any type of franchise system is going to run into the same types of problems I do.”



March 2015

A way to be in all of his locations at the same time

  • “The ability to be in multiple places at one time with immediate follow-up capability”
  • Stores have better mystery shopper scores
  • A bump in customer satisfaction scores

After many years in the fast food industry, owner of Luck Unlimited, Inc. Sean Luck found himself spending hours a day going through paperwork to make sure his employees were doing the tasks they were assigned to. Not only was this taking time away from his busy day but he had no way of gauging if the information he was gathering was improving the overall performance of his restaurants. After many failed attempts to adopt other task management tools, Luck’s employees always reverted back to the “Old school” paper and pen approach. Owner, Sean Luck stated, “Nothing was really getting done, many times employees would forget to finish their tasks, this wasted a lot of time out of our day and our results were not measurable”

All of this changed when they found Jolt.

“Thanks to Jolt, we can now run a better business. One of our favorite features is that we can now create all of our Travel Paths and pre-shift checklist on Jolt so that I make sure that I am fully stocked and prepared for the day. Our overall efficiency as an organization has improved. I don’t have to think as much about operations, or pay someone else to do analytical reports of our efficiency. Jolt does it for me! Through Jolt we are able to be more connected and in tune as a restaurant. When an employee finishes a task that notification goes to the next employee who is supposed to start the next task, so they have no excuses to not be doing their job.”


CEO of Luck Unlimited (Franchisee)

November 2016

A way to cut out paper and save man hours

  • Improved overall efficiency and organization
  • Greater employee accountability
  • “[We're] more connected and in tune as a restaurant”
“ We had immediate success ”

Jamie was looking for a way to help reduce the amount of time it took to complete and review safety checks for all the rides at Legoland. She found Jolt and started a pilot. Jamie told us that after getting starting on Jolt, she “had immediate success.” Here's how her team has improved since using Jolt:

“ We've been able to increase the timeliness of the work we need to complete. With Jolt, we can actually see how quickly the work is being done. It's very easy to have accountability and a good follow up process if things aren't being done how people are asked to do them. ”

“ We have a real-time look at what's going on. We've cut review time by 60%. We've also increased the accuracy of our documentation because there's ways of knowing who did what at what time. We have been able to decrease documents that need correction by 45% and make those corrections much faster than we used to. ”

We asked Jamie to describe Jolt to someone who has never used it, this is what she said:

“ Jolt is a very user friendly app. It's a medium to go from a trainer or management level to a front-line employee and have everyone perform exactly the same way, exactly how you want them to--with the ability to then monitor that and make sure it continues.

Jamie shared her success story with other departments at her same Legoland Park. They are now using Jolt in attractions, custodial, retail, and food service departments throughout multiple parks.


Operations and Matience Compliance Manager

September 2014

“An easier way to make sure things get done and a faster way to review them”

  • Decreased performance review time by 60%
  • Decrease in documentation errors by 45%
  • Legoland now uses Jolt in other parks and departments including attractions, retail, food service, and custodial.
“Jolt smooths out wrinkles I didn’t know were there”

Before discovering Jolt, Justin tried several different task management options, including Google Forms, Wunderlist, iAuditor, Asana, and Digital Red Book, but each one had serious gaps in functionality. Using Jolt quickly demonstrated that it was “feature-rich and very customizable in a way that makes sense.”

“When I talk to others about Jolt, I just tell them to check it out because it will revolutionize the way they do task management.”

Justin found that Jolt made the lives of his employees easier by allowing them to only see and worry about their own tasks and by centralizing their priorities and information. The new options for task types, including pictures, QR code scans, and temperature measurements, as well as the ability to control repetition sets, due dates, and due times, enabled him to rethink how he managed his store. He says that Jolt “smooths out wrinkles I didn’t know were there.”

“Jolt feels like it was designed for me... [It] seals the cracks that tasks and ‘to do’ items can fall through in the daily operation and organization of our business.”

After looking at so many different demos, Justin finally found a product that was ”intuitive in how it was built.” He “felt like it was built by someone with actual QSR experience.”--and he was right. He says that Jolt understands the current challenges of restaurateurs, and that the company “takes feedback seriously and genuinely listens to their customers.” Along with that, he says Jolt’s “customer service has been on point and responsive, and I have never questioned their technical expertise.”



July 2014

A more functional task management solution

  • Less tasks falling through the cracks
  • Employess lives are easier because they always know what to focus on
  • The identification and resolution of hidden problems

Ryan's team instantly saw training benefits from Jolt. Since training materials can be directly attached to individual task items, he put the FC lists on Jolt and attached specific materials from eTRAIN for each task. He also has lists for the kitchen, leadership procedures (opening/closing, InFORM, EOM, etc.), and ordering (truck, produce, change, etc.). Ryan points out that Jolt “doesn't replace training or eTRAIN but is a great addition to enforce those learnings.”

“Having the specific [eTRAIN] pages linked on each checklist item helps team members do it the Chick-fil-A way versus the ‘tribal knowledge’ way.”

Ryan is also using the Jolt Information Library to make key information (e.g., emergency and repair contacts, team member phone numbers, the policy handbook, and the How Do I Code Guide) conveniently available to every employee.

“I wouldn't be suggesting to my fellow Operators to invest in something I didn't feel was of great value to the restaurant... I feel like I've just begun to realize the power of this tool.”

Lastly, Ryan is benefiting from a big boost in accountability. The system automatically records which employees complete which tasks, so he knows who his most productive employees are and who to talk to if something didn’t actually get completed. On top of that, unique task types like pictures or QR code scans and notifications for overdue items assure him that tasks are done correctly and on time.



June 2015

Though another Chick-Fil-A operator

  • Large increase in accountability
  • Tasks are completed correclty
  • Tasks are completed on time

Corey came to Jolt looking for a way to implement systems for all of their processes. Laminated checklists lacked accountability and were unengaging, failing to meet his needs. Jolt’s smart checklists added the extra accountability and engagement he was looking for.

“Our Taste of Food scores went from 72% to 84% the first month we had Jolt”

Corey found the accountability offered by Jolt to be extremely helpful. Before Jolt, he worried about whether tasks were getting done when he wasn’t in the store; now he can use the web portal to see the progress of the team, including who completed which tasks at what times and pictures of key items. The reminders and due times help staff to properly manage their time in order to finish everything every day, and employees are actually actively engaged with the iPad and app.

“Jolt has improved Taste of Food by leaps and bounds by helping them to follow procedure, and we’ve seen huge Cleanliness benefits, too”

To improve consistency in customer experience, Corey uses the secondary real-time training feature available with the smart checklists. He attaches training reference materials directly to individual tasks so employees can easily review the proper way to complete tasks without having to ask managers or waste time going to the back office.



August 2015

A way systematize all of their processes

  • 12% increase in food taste scores
  • Cleaner facilities
  • Improved consistency in customer experience

After using Jolt for the last year, Sam’s stores are now more efficient and productive. He is “easily paying for the investment through cost savings. Using a conservative estimate,” he said, “Even if you figure at my average wage of $12.50/hour that I save 2 hours of time each day, that would be significant savings, and well worth the monthly investment.” He estimates that he is saving at least $25/day (~$650/month), justifying the $49.99 monthly subscription.

“Jolt saves $25 per day and is well worth the investment.”

His store is saving time and improving productivity through features like automated checklists and task completion being tied to individual employees. It is even helping with the onboarding process. With so much to cover for new employees, Sam said, “I was getting so frustrated… and then I thought, ‘Why don’t I use Jolt for this?’ and that was big.” With his New Hire checklist, the process is now much easier.

“Jolt helps and has definitely made us more productive...We have less ‘wasted hours’ on the schedule.”

Sam states that “Jolt relieves the burdens of our leaders; they already have so much on their plate. When there is 1 leader and 19 high schoolers, Jolt helps and has definitely made us more productive...We have less ‘wasted hours’ on the schedule.”



January 2015

A way to lower costs

  • At least $25 a day in savings
  • Faster scheduling times
  • Easier onboarding for employees

“ I came to Jolt in the middle of 2015 to help increase efficiency and productivity. Jolt’s checklists are phenomenal! They help us get things done on time consistently. Since training materials can be linked to tasks, employees can train themselves on what to do without having to ask the manager multiple times. ”

“ In April 2106, I also started using Jolt’s date code labeling printer. It is just a life saver! Everyone in the kitchen loves the printer. It saves a ton of time and is very easy to use. ”

“ I have been using the announcements feature and it has been really helpful. We have a ‘Focus of the Week’ for training purposes, and use announcements to ensure that everyone reviews the training and is up to speed. ”



May 2015

A way to increase efficiency and productivity

  • Labor savings
  • Much faster food labeling
  • A way to increase efficiency and productivity
“Twenty-four hours after we had it installed, I said 'let's buy it everywhere.'”

Rene came to use Jolt because he was particularly frustrated with the standard of training in the food service industry.

“A lot of franchises provide you with videos and content that's designed to be used on a PC or a DVD player. It's far away from where you're doing the task itself. If you're watching a movie on how to make a smoothie you're not able to try it out immediately. You're going to lose the effectiveness of the training. ”

“There's also a lot of complicated tasks in a restaurant that there just isn't any training for. You write these long lists of how to clean something or do something. Regardless of how smart the employee is, you run into problems like 'Hey, I don't know what you meant by that' or 'I don't know what that tools is called or what that looks like.'”

“The biggest [problem] is to get it in the hands of the employees.”

Rene decided to try Jolt becaused it was designed specifically for on-the-job training. Jolt allows employees to view their task lists and training in one simple interface, right behind the counter. He immediately felt the value of Jolt.

“When I saw Jolt in action, twentry-four hours after we had it installed, I said 'let's buy it everywhere.' Because even with cost of the system, it was already enough functionality that it was well worth the investment. And it's proved to only get better with time. Jolt leads to improvement on how things are being done. You are no longer destroying critical pieces of equipment or risking employees doing it wrong.”

Rene also loved the increased visibility which can then lead to quick improvement. He mentioned how important it is to get quick feedback.

“I can take immediate actions instead of two weeks later. Jolt gives you an instant ability to see how are your stores performing, and which stores need help. You don't have to wait 30 days for a P&L to come out. You don't have to do any kind of analyzing to see their turnover is really high. You don't need to wait for any of that stuff, you get that feedback every single day. If you get ten emails [from Jolt] from every single day notifying you that things are not getting done in one location and you have another location you get none from, you know What is going on in your organization--even without going [into Jolt] to see what is being missed.”

Several months after Rene started using Jolt, we released our labeling system. This also proved to save Rene a lot of time and frustration.

“ It takes time to fill out a date label [by hand]. There is also frustration with people not figuring out how to fill out a label. Every time you get a health inspector, there's always going to be at least one label where someone made that mistake. Now there is no room for error. There is no way of extending the hold time or manipulating the time it was printed. Now there is a way of seeing who did it if you noticed that it wasn't prepped or done to your standards. That is a bigger win over the fact that it has reduced the time that it takes to actually do it--cause it's instant. ”

Rene has shared with us the peace of mind that comes from using Jolt.

“ When you get a health inspection, or, God forbid someone gets ill from eating at your restaurant. You will be able to provide all the backup needed to prove that it's not because of something that happened in your store or your location. That is huge. Nobody wants to be open to that. It's liability, insurance, headache, it's public defacing. It's awful.”


District Manager

May 2014

A better way to train employees

  • Location tailored training in the hands of employees
  • Employees are no longer guessing their way through critical tasks
  • Dramatic increase in accuracy and decrease in labor time for food labeling
“Jolt is helping us to get everybody on the same page and get them to do what we need them to do”

Chad was looking for a way to reduce the high cost of training new employees. They were “not able to get trainings done per site,” and it was “hard to keep the trainings all together.” He also saw that many of his employees were relying too much on their managers. After using Jolt, Chad reports that the need to train new people had gone down. Jolt takes care of it for him.

“Jolt is helping us to get everybody on the same page and get them to do what we need them to do. We don't need a higher end manager at each place anymore. This almost takes over that position. That's changing a lot of things for us.”

Chad really appreciates how Jolt can automate your store operations. His employees always know the "what", "when", and "how" for every moment. And Chad now has a record of who did what and when. Jolt is always a part of his improvement plans. He ”now sit[s] down with managers and review[s] things on Jolt.“

Several months after Chad started with Jolt, we released our Date Code Labeling system. That has resulted in major cost savings for Chad, both in materials and labor

“One thing that's really nice is to be able to do the times. To have that print out the time that everything is going to be expired is really cool. We can do build-tos, at the Subway and Arby's. They'll build so many cambros of tomatoes, and they don't need a manager to tell them. When the health inspector came in and saw those, he was really impressed. Our Arby's inspector was impressed as well.”

Impressed with how Jolt has helped him in his operations, Chad has gone on to share Jolt with several of his vendors and operators in other brands.



December 2013

A way to reduce labor and training costs

  • Reduction in need to hire management
  • Reduction in training costs
  • Decrease in labeling costs (moving from Daydots)
“I don't have to worry about things not getting done”

“ Employees are my biggest frustration as a manager, just making sure they show up and do a good job while they're here. Jolt helps with that because I can have a list of things I want them to when they show up to work they know exactly what they need to be doing for the day. ”

“ Before we had Jolt, we had papers and checklists all over the place. There were clipboards that were getting lost, or people just weren't doing it. They would write down false information just to hurry and get it done. ”

“ After we got Jolt, now everything is in one spot. We're not looking for checklists. Papers aren't getting lost. It's nice. Things are getting done on time more. They're putting in more accurate information. ”

“ It makes employees' lives easier because it lets them see exactly what I expect from them. Exactly what I want done. My personal time, I save about 10 hours a week by using Jolt because I don't have to sit down every day and make sure they did the paperwork and if what they did do was accurate and that nothing was missing. Everything is just in one spot, all ready to go, it's all online and it emails me if anything is missing...I like that it's online. I don't have to print pages or worry about losing clipboards. ”

“ I don't have to worry about things not getting done. It's all in one place. It's all online. it's easy to look at. ”



December 2013

A way to make sure things get done

  • 10 hours of time a week saved for the supervisor
  • No more worrying about things getting done
  • Much more accurate documentation
“Jolt will help your employees work at their best potential and make managing a lot
less stressful”

“Some of the problems that we had before jolt were things not getting done properly, or not done at all, and holding people accountable for those things. Paper checklists that were just annoying and wasteful. Now that we have Jolt, we don't have those problems anymore. Items on the checklist are getting done when they should be, they are getting done correctly and if they aren't you can hold people accountable for the things that they marked off which is great. Best of all, Jolt is completely paperless and very well organized!”

“My favorite thing about Jolt is you can have all the information you need, to run your business at your fingerprints! Information is easily accessible and saves a lot of time rather than rummaging through papers! Also it has saved me as a manager, a lot of time and worry about making sure that things are getting done when they should and if they are getting done correctly. People are accountable for the things they do on the checklist and it makes pinpointing problems easy. The "Review" feature on Jolt is super helpful. Employees are more motivated to work and complete the tasks that they need to during their shift.”

“Jolt is just AMAZING! It will save you so much time and hassle. It will help organize all your information, which will make your business run smoother and help you achieve your goals easier. Jolt will help your employees work at their best potential and make managing a lot less stressful. It will, without a doubt, improve your business for the better!”


General Manager

April 2012

A system to manage their operations

  • Employees are motivated to complete checklists because of the point system
  • Operations is more efficient
  • Ease of recording and tracking vital information
“We Love Jolt!”

Irritated by inefficiencies and checklist completion rates of 30%, Dairy Queen’s management team sought an intuitive solution to increase their checklist completion rates in order to improve their overall food safety, compliance, and facility levels. As Dairy Queen switched from paper to Jolt, the goal has been to help enhance their ability to receive the highest evaluation rating, the PRIDE award.

“The challenges we previously faced included the failure to complete our Systems and Routines. Systems and Routines is our paper checklist system that helps to ensure all items are in compliance. We’ve been frustrated by the lack of accountability in regard to our Redbook (Paper Checklists).”

The biggest factors that played into Dairy Queen’s decision to go with Jolt included program potential, going paperless, intuitiveness and overall price.

“We have quickly fallen in love with so many things about Jolt. It has proven to be efficient and really easy to use as our checklist completion rates have already increased by 167% during our implementation period. Additionally, Jolt’s support response time has been superior as they respond to all inquiries in less than an hour. We couldn’t have asked for a better partnership.”


Franchise Owner

December 2016

Tools to improve overall food safety, compliance, and facility levels

  • A new level of accountability
  • Significant savings by increasing efficiency and eliminating paper
  • A labeling solution that is ¼ the price of day dots
“Even if Tropical Smoothie Café decided to not move forward with Jolt, I am keeping it for my café.
I love it.”

When representatives from Tropical Smoothie Cafe corporate saw how one of their francisees was using Jolt, they decided to do a pilot in their corporate stores. After using the product for a short while, they moved Jolt to all of their coporate stores. Realizing the potential savings of using Jolt brand-wide, corporate quickly decided to mandate adoption of Jolt with all their franchisees. They now distribute content to franchisees exclusively through the Jolt system.

Here is the reaction of their franchisees:

“Even if Tropical Smoothie Café decided to not move forward with Jolt, I am keeping it for my café. I love it.”

Sam, Area Developer | Franchisee | TAG member

“Watching the videos saves time and eliminates the room for error.”

Karly, CA-21

“Love the customization. So many options of what you can do.”

Steve, General Manger NY-13

“Checklists provide accountability shift-to-shift. Love being able to see photos of what’s happening when I’m not there.”

David, Director of Operations for Area Developer Sam Osbourne

“New hires can now learn independently. They can watch and review items on Jolt and the trainer can follow-up with them.”

Lindsay, General Manager, FL-193

“Love, love, love the date labels! We had daily issues with FIFO until we started using the Jolt Date Label System.”

Rick, District Manager,AR-027

“Crew members like to see who they are working with. No more written or verbal time requests and forgetting to grant requested time off.”

Lindsay, General Manager FL-193

“Date code and amount of information available is amazing.”

Jen, Franchisee VA-107

“Watching the videos saves time and eliminates the room for error.”

Karly, CA-21

“[Jolt] works for this generation. They prefer technology and adapt to it better.”

Austin, General Manager Va-109

“Way better than HotSchedules.”

German CA-24

“Creates accountability and keeps the crew organized.”

Wayne, General Manger FL-05

“If I had the money to buy one for all franchisees, I would. It will make their lives easier.”

Dave, Directory of Operations

Tropical Smoothie Cafe


September 2015

A way to distribute Coporate Materials

  • Significant cost savings on food labeling
  • Veneration from franchiseees
  • Better organziation and lower information distribution costs
“We get way more features
with Jolt”

Frustrated by the inaccuracies of handwritten labels and checklists. Nicole decided it was time to find a system that would improve accuracy and accountability for both her and her managers.

“We have several checklists for our leaders and managers throughout the day. There were 3-4 per manager that needed to be completed at certain times. We were going through so much paper. Not to mention that lists were being lost, dirty, thrown away, and some would simply disregard doing them. We also experienced a difficult time with the legibility and had a hard time reading what they had actually marked.”

Before implementing Jolt, the fear of the unknown and not working with a product like Jolt initially held them back. After being pitched multiple other products, Nicole ultimately made the decision to join Jolt on the appeal of the Date Code labeling feature along with the price.

Her thought was “If we invest in Jolt we don’t lose a ton of money like we would if we had gone with someone else. Plus, we get way more features with Jolt.” In fact, they save more than the cost of Jolt just by switching from day dots to Jolt's labeling system. The additional reduction in labor savings puts money back in their pocket every month as well.

“We have seen a big benefit by joining Jolt, our accountability and accuracy of lists and date code have improved as we get notified, even at home, if a list has not been completed. Our lists are not simply disappearing now, but are getting done. Date code labeling is what I love, everything else has been an additional benefit. Saving money also doesn’t hurt.”


General Manager

November 2016

Increased accountability and accuracy of checklists completion and date code labeling.

  • Improved labeling and task completion accuracy
  • Increased accountability
  • Increased visibility into key tasks
“Jolt has idiot-proofed our lists”

“Honestly, Jolt has idiot-proofed our lists. Someone could walk in off the street and pick up our tablet and complete the lists exactly how I want them to. Being able to attach information to the list items has helped dramatically in this regards. We lost thousands of dollars in wasted food because people wouldn’t read the checklists. Now everyone follows the lists and we are saving money and being more efficient. Not only has Jolt helped me out from a business standpoint, but my team members see the value as well. Our team members enjoy using a tablet to do their checklists instead of paper because they are used to using technology and they know exactly what needs to be done and how. I have seen our accountability increase because we can see exactly when and how our team members completed our checklist items.”

“I signed up with Jolt because I didn’t want to fall behind our competitors. Embracing technology is a way stay ahead of the game. I was also worried that when I signed up it would be hard to get a hold of someone for help. That has not been the case at all. Jolt is very invested in our success as a business and we talk regularly. ”

“I just can’t say enough about how much I love Jolt! Do yourself a favor and take the time for a demo on the program. If you aren’t on Jolt, chances are your competitors are and you do NOT want them to have this competitive edge over you.”


Franchise Owner

April 2015

A way to stay ahead of the competition

  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Reduced human error
  • Fewer things to worry about
“Jolt has eliminated all of the paper that we use”

Brock already had experience working in operations at Cedar Fair before he opened up Hydro Adventures, a fun center and waterpark. Reflecting on his previous operational experience, Brock made a commitment to himself to find a paperless system. That’s when he found Jolt.

“Jolt has eliminated all of the paper that we use. Now we carry iPads around and monitor how much time a day each staff member commits to each activity. The perfect way to control accountability. I love the ability to be so hands on. [You can] change things needed for the future on the fly. I love the hands on care you know you will receive, acceptance of fresh ideas to changes, and the satisfaction you know you're using a product that is a game changer for the amusement industry!”

After using Jolt for a while, Brock realized that the platform had even more advantages.

“Jolt allows each employee to be recognized for the work they complete. Not only does it monitor the production level of each employee, but it also makes them feel part of the team, while competing as a whole to ensure the park is maintained above the daily standard.”


General Manager

April 2014

A system to manage their operations

  • Eliminated all paperwork in their daily operations
  • Increased our private E&A audits from MEETS to EXCEEDS (1 golden guard)
  • An overall increase in operational efficiency
“We would rather have our staff serving our customers rather than writing labels”

John started The Big Salad in 2007. Determining that operational excellence would be a key factor to his brand's successs, he started off his restaurants with training materials and laminated checklists. John's initial inspections showed that his employees were not using his materials. That's when he found Jolt.

“Jolt has helped us establish accountability along with a more standard approach to updating company information. We have even seen a decrease in our employee training times by an entire day because the information is in one place at the palm of their hands. The return on investment for us has been realized simply due to the fact we no longer have to go back and correct what an employee has done wrong, we don't have to go back and re-train.”

John was pleasantly surprised to learn that Jolt was more than just a task and training system.

“One feature that we have been very impressed with has been the date code labeling. We were hand writing our labels and one thing we immediately realized is that we no longer dealt with inaccuracies on hold times. Our employees were now able to accomplish other tasks as they now only needed to simply press a button.”

Summarizing his experience, John said:

“Jolt has helped us build brand excellence and continues to innovate in ways that help The Big Salad become more operationally efficient.”


CEO & Founder


A way to channel and communicate company information to all of their franchise locations and provide more accountability than paper

  • Decreased of employee training times by an entire day
  • Elimination of innacurate label hold times
  • An overall increase in oprational efficiency
“When I first heard about Jolt I was skeptical”

“When I first heard about Jolt I was skeptical. During my 30+ years leading restaurants, I have seen so many management tools and task systems come and go with limited success. Jolt is by far the most complete, intuitive system that I have experienced. The ability to customize Jolt to our needs is amazing, and that is why I consider it to be a game changer for our brand.”

“As the franchisor of the Costa Vida brand, consistency from one location to another is one of our most important focuses. Jolt helps us to deliver standardized systems across the brand. Updates can be sent out to all locations immediately. As we transition away from paper updates that are mailed to all locations, we expect to see significant savings in both our printing costs and our postage costs.”

“Jolt brings multiple checklists and systems into a centralized platform that makes them easy to complete and there is improved accuracy. The ability to track the execution of tasks is fantastic. A real value to me is that Jolt has the ability to timestamp the completion of tasks so the integrity of the checklists is enhanced.”

“The ability to link instructional videos to tasks is a great feature of Jolt. From a training and execution standpoint, having Jolt as a reference source helps employees find answers themselves through the system quickly.”


Director of Operations (Franchisor)

January 2015

Consistency across their network (both corporate stores and frachisees)

  • Across the board in QA average scores over the past 2 quarters
  • District Managers are able to find focus areas easily by viewing Jolt reports
  • Centralized Platform
“In years to come we will talk about the era before Jolt
and after Jolt.”

After being in business for 39 years, John had become frustrated by the amount of paperwork and disorganization. Some papers would have the information he needed and others didn’t. All of his paperwork never seemed to be in the same place and tasks were not being completed.

John was on a flight when he noticed the pilots that would be flying the plane together were meeting each other for the first time.

“I wondered, ‘How can they do this? This is amazing! I can’t get someone to mop the floors!’ They are all in there doing their checklists. I realized, wow, I need to get some checklists!”

John began looking for a way to create checklists for his employees.

“When I saw Jolt I was like, this is a checklist on steroids. It is a platform that people enjoy using, and that I can easily change. There isn’t just one thing that I am excited about with Jolt, it is the whole package. It’s amazing!”

“I have great confidence that if an inspector came in, day or night, that we would be compliant. I feel that we are ready at any time should the FDA or the State Department of Health come in. It’s transformational.”

“Be prepared to be transformed. In years to come we will talk about the era before Jolt and after Jolt. I think we really will! I couldn’t imagine ever going back.”



January 2017

A great checklist system that is easy to manage

  • Improved communication between managers and employees
  • Paperless workflow
  • Improved task completion
“Literally, I have built this entire zoo around your program”

As a growing zoo, Animal World’s employees used to struggle with time and task management. It was particularly expensive to help new employees through the steep learning curve. Hannah's original solution to her problems was to hire more assistant managers. She found Jolt instead, which provided the guidance and accountability she needed at a much lower cost.

“Jolt was perfect for us—it was exactly what I wanted... we could customize it so much, it did exactly what I needed.”

Hannah uses Jolt to set up smart checklists that allow her to manage exactly which tasks are done and when. She attaches training materials directly to task items to ensure they are done correctly. She can always know the current status of each checklist and follow up if someone is behind schedule. Because everything is recorded online, she always has thorough and easily-accessible records to meet compliance requirements. With Jolt, her keepers each finish three to four hours earlier every day. Hannah also discovered that new employees can work independently much sooner.

This translates into real savings. Hannah says:

“The money we are saving on employees goes toward expanding the property... We actually have the budget to do Christmas bonuses, and we just built on-site housing.”

She loves that “you can see exactly who’s doing what at what time in what section...” It has worked so well for her that she tells us, “with Jolt, I haven’t needed to hire any assistant managers in any departments… It’s doing exactly what I would have them doing.”

“Jolt software holds staff accountable, manages their time, and records data in a central place... Literally, I have built this entire zoo around your program”


VP of Operations

January 2015

A way to reduce “the steep learning curve” for new employees

  • A reduction in the number of new assitant managers hired
  • Zoo keepers finish their jobs 3-4 hours earlier every day
  • New employees work independently much sooner
“With Jolt, you are only limited by your imagination”

“Being a new business, we decided rather than creating numerous manual "task" lists and "how to" lists, we looked at alternatives. A Google search pointed us in the direction of Jolt. We could see the merits of using Jolt, and after a few emails and phone conversations we felt confident in taking the next step. The team at Jolt were very helpful in getting us set up, and provided us all the initial training and support in getting the best of the Jolt system and customizing the templates to suit our needs. We are based in New Zealand, and Jolt is in Utah, thousands of miles away and a 12 hour time zone difference (6,491 miles or thereabouts!) but this proved no issue, and a series of online sessions and phone calls was all it took to get us going. There was no need to look any further. Several months of work of writing and producing manuals was reduced to weeks of work. So a big thanks to all the team at Jolt for having such a positive impact on our business.”

“Jolt enabled us to think about our staffing levels, and the need to employ a Manager. We are able to run each day with a shift supervisor and we use Jolt's individual statistics and results when completing staff appraisals. Through Jolt we were able to analyze each task, and allocate staffing resources more accurately. Jolt should not be seen as a cost, but a means of reducing costs by working more efficiently and effectively, and paying for itself from the savings made, and in turn improving the bottom line.”

“Having all the day-to-day tasks loaded on Jolt, the employees are reminded constantly of what their next tasks are. New staff are easily trained into our system with the help of Jolt with the task reminders, videos. Our staff of 12 easily and readily respond to using an iPad. Once Jolt is set up it gives them a sense of responsibility and accountability and our staff have readily engaged with it as a system. We value the culture we are trying to create at SoYo, and Jolt helps us achieve this, as it allows the staff to be independent, aware of what needs to be done and when, and builds confidence and trust. We allocate Jolt points, and reward staff movie tickets or mall vouchers when they achieve over and above. So for them its makes it achievable and a bit of fun, with a reward at the end.”



July 2014

A less manual way to manage tasks

  • As a new business, our tasks are always evolving. Jolt has provided an amazingly easy platform to manage this process
  • SoYo had a target to be paperless within 8 months of opening. Jolt helped considerably to achieve this goal.
  • With Jolt, you are only limited by your imagination.
“With little to no training, our employees picked up Jolt”

“We employ a lot of young employees. When we first installed the Jolt system in our first location they were all excited to be able to use digital checklists instead of on paper. With little to no training, our employees picked up Jolt. The system is easy to update and change when needed. No more printing out new checklists when you need to change or add an item. Another item that our company has really found useful is the ability to use the Jolt system on a corporate level. We have a Corporate Pizza Pie Cafe account that we use to do all of our inspections for all of our stores. No printing out inspection sheets and filling out by hand anymore. Now we use Jolt and it emails the results right to us.”

“One task that I didn't think we could use the system for, but quickly found out that it can, is for training. It is easy to upload videos and documents to have employees watch and study right from the stations. It is an awesome tool. A new update that the Jolt team recently rolled out is the ability to score a list. We can now create tests in the system to use in our training that employees can take.”

“Before Jolt it was hard to hold employees and managers accountable. We have found that Jolt has made that so much easier. With real time instant notifications via email and texts, we know when employees and managers miss items. Managers can review checklists to be able to check out employees to ensure the job gets done.”


VP of Operations

March 2014

A way to manage corporate store audits

  • Eliminated the paper audits & checklists
  • Improved & streamlined employee training
  • Increased accountability of team members & managers
“We on-boarded and adopted the solution in no time at all”

Marc realized that scaling his brand beyond a single location would create additional challenges. In his own words:

“When we expanded from one store with 10 employees, to four locations with 110+ people on payroll, Balance needed a new method of keeping track of employee productivity and providing everybody with up-to-date information.”

Marc found Jolt and did a pilot to see if it would help them scale.

“We on-boarded and adopted the solution in no time at all. We rolled out Jolt in a trial run at one of our locations, and the training process enabled us to import task lists in ways that were extremely beneficial to our business and helped us accomplish our goals of keeping staff on top of their daily duties.”

Balance Grille recognized the benefits of Jolt immediately. Because it was so easy to get started with each location, they wasted no time implementing Jolt in all their locations.

“After a short period of time we have successfully implemented Jolt in all Balance stores and it pretty much runs on autopilot. Our employees are now holding themselves more accountable, which has led to better performance, both operationally and fiscally. Jolt has helped our employees throw out the question of "What do I do Next?" Jolt has revolutionized everyday operations for Balance Grille.”

After an quick start, Marc dug deeper and found additional benefits to the Jolt system.

“Balance Grille most utilizes the tasks and checklists feature in Jolt. With this, our employees know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it because we store all of our training documents in the information section. My personal favorite feature has been the temp log. I receive text messages or emails when one of our refrigerators or freezers is out of range. We no longer deal with employees logging a malfunctioning fridge and having no action taken. “


Training Director & Systems Analyst

June 2016

A replacement for paper based operations in order to scale and have better operational consistency

  • An employee culture of accountability
  • Increase in labor efficiency
  • Dramatically decrease the time it takes to close stores
  • Better performance, both operationally and fiscally
“Not taking advantage of technology like Jolt could put a restaurant at a disadvantage”

Other solutions simply do not provide the flexibility or the employee-based incentives Jolt does. In addition, Jolt has become our one stop solution for tracking and training of employees. We even perform employee performance reviews using an iPad mini with Jolt. This provides as a way to scale our operations without paper.

Anything which can help automate restaurant operations is a great thing. In today's market restaurants need every advantage to make them competitive. Customers want their food fast, fresh, and at low prices. Not taking advantage of technology like Jolt could put a restaurant at a disadvantage.

Simply put, Jolt reduces the number of hours my employees spend tracking work tasks. That labor savings in aggregate is a significant savings to our bottom line.



March 2014

A way to automate operations

  • Increased our health department inspection scores
  • Decreased our refrigeration breakdown rates
  • Increased employee task engagement
“I love lists and the capability of actually attaching our how-to videos to specific tasks”

“What should I do next?”

This was a common question amoung employees at The Soda Shop. Because of Jolt's checklists, The Soda Shop has eliminated this question during their daily operations. Jolt has been able to give all employees, including managers, the direction they need to run an efficient business.

The Soda Shop uses Jolt's lists and information to make sure that all their employees know how to do their jobs. The information library enables their employees to access the information needed to complete their job. They attach how-to videos to each of their tasks sheets. Employees now know exactly what they need to do--and how to do it.

Chase, The Soda Shop's owner, told us that he “love[s] lists and the capability of actually attaching our how-to videos to specific tasks.” He also told us that they dramatically decreased closing times by merely creating a closing checklist in Jolt that shows up every day before closing time. They're excited to discover more ways they can use Jolt to decrease training costs and task times.


Owner & Founder

March 2016

“A more robust solution to replace Google Forms”

  • Closing times have been reduced by 54% by creating a close task list
  • Managers are no longer having to hand hold new employees through training
  • Employees are no longer guessing on how or when to complete tasks